Saturday, 1 December 2012

Doc. Decisions

The biggest dilemma in my life right now is deciding which colour of Dr.Martens I should get for Christmas! I have fake ones in the smooth cherry red colour which, you can tell; I am in love with so I’ve decided to buy some real ones. I’ve finally narrowed it down to two colours of the ‘8 tie’ boots: smooth green and patent white. The green ones are absolutely beautiful but they match mostly everything that the cherry red ones go with. Aaahh!

I think the patent white boots are WOW and go with a completely different range of outfits. My heart’s telling me white but head’s pulling me to ‘the green side’! What should I do? Gaahh! Do you own a pair of Docs? What colour do you have? How much do you love them?

Comment below! I would be very grateful for your help J


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